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Purchase crystal chandeliers Sale

  • We invite you to admire a collection of Bohemian hand-cut crystal chandeliers, according with a tradition which goes up in the middle of the XVI th. century. Their originality, their prestige and their beauty are universally famous. Our catalogue gathers not only the traditional chandeliers of hand-cut crystal, but also new models. All are manufactured on your order according to artisanal methods which confer an irreproachable completion to them.
  • Manufacturing lead time : 6 or 8 weeks.
  • Neat conditioning and note of assembly.
  • For the majority of the metal chandeliers : colour gold, silver or antique available.
  • For the majority of the models, pendants, candelabra and brackets matched.
  • ll the ordered chandeliers are manufactured EXCLUSIVELY on order. The electric connections and the fixing of the bulbs are to the electric standards of the origin country of the order.
  • All our pendants are more than 30% lead oxide.
  • Delivered with its certificate of authenticity.
  • Guarantee 1 year
  • Manufacture of models to measure to your suitability, realized by our factory.
  • We can manufacture to you all models of crystal pendants. We also manufacture glass figurines, fruits, sheets, bunches, etc. For any request for information concerning the prices, please address your co-ordinates to us.
  • Payment by check or by bank transfer.
  • For most we can exchange chandeliers pendants - please inquire.
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